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VGAGE Achieves Outstanding Performance in 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, VGAGE has achieved remarkable growth, with an expected increase of more than 50%, making it the best year in nearly four years. This achievement is a result of the relentless efforts and unwavering determination of the VGAGE team.

VGAGE's responsible person stated that this achievement is the result of the collective efforts of the VGAGE team. Despite the impact of the global pandemic and changing market conditions, the VGAGE team did not give up and continued to push for technological innovation and market expansion. VGAGE has a high-quality, specialized team that can respond quickly to customer needs and provide customers with high-quality services and products.

VGAGE's success is also due to the rapid development of the global new energy vehicle industry. VGAGE will continue to seize opportunities, actively expand overseas markets, strengthen R&D innovation, and promote brand internationalization. VGAGE's responsible person stated that VGAGE will continue to adhere to the customer-centered approach, innovation as the driving force, and quality as the foundation, constantly improving its core competitiveness and providing customers with better services and products.

VGAGE's outstanding performance is a recognition and encouragement to the VGAGE team. VGAGE will continue to embody the spirit of teamwork, daring to strive, and continuous innovation, working tirelessly to achieve even better results.