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VGAGE: Resilient, Outstanding Performance in 2023

In 2022, the global economy was severely impacted by the pandemic. However, VGAGE demonstrated remarkable resilience and vitality in this challenging environment and achieved impressive results. Not only did it set new records in performance in the mainland China region, but also achieved significant progress in the United States market.

The success of VGAGE is attributed to the tireless efforts and unwavering determination of the VGAGE team. VGAGE continues to strengthen its technological innovation and market expansion, as well as brand and corporate culture development. VGAGE has a high-quality, specialized team that can respond quickly to customer needs and provide customers with high-quality services and products.

VGAGE's success is not only due to the VGAGE team's efforts, but also the rapid development of the global new energy vehicle industry and gradual economic recovery. VGAGE will continue to seize opportunities, actively expand overseas markets, strengthen R&D innovation, and promote brand internationalization. We believe that against the backdrop of the rapid development of the global new energy.